SMR Hydrostrut Suspensions

Superior, Adjustable Ride

Longer Service Life

Lower Maintenance Cost

* Made to Fit
* We can manufacture a hydrostrut to fit most makes and models of off-highway haulage trucks, including Unit Rig, Terex, CAT, Hitachi, Euclid, Liebherr, Komatsu, Dart, and more.

Improved Design

SMR offers its improved "Hydrostrut" designed front and rear suspension to replace existing rubber or silicone/neocon style suspensions. The hydrostrut design gives a superior, adjustable ride for longer service life with lower repair and maintenance costs. SMR’s low pressure simple design increases the life of the strut by reducing design failures!

Made in American With over 35 years experience in design & manufacturing, SMR suspensions provide exceptional energy absorption on both upstroke & rebound resulting in less frame cracking and longer life to steering mechanisms, hubs, bearing & spindles.

SMR Hydrostrut

Exclusive Designer

SMR is the exclusive designer and manufacturer of "Hydrostrut" front & rear suspensions for Unit Rig/Terex MT Series off highway trucks

Haul Truck
  • MT6300 (400 ton)
  • MT5500 (360 ton)
  • MT4400 (240 ton)
  • MT4000 (240 ton)
  • MT3700 (190-205 ton)
  • MT3600 (170-190 ton)
  • MT3300 (150 ton)


  • 100,000+ hours of proven service in Canadian and U.S. mines
  • Protective Boot helps prevent rock damage & contaminants
  • Lower cost than rubber, elastomer, silicon, or neocon struts
  • High-Strength Manganese Bronze bushings
  • Rated to -65ºF to +200ºF (-54ºC to +93ºC)
  • Lubricated to boost operating life
  • 10,000 hour or 2 year warranty
  • Reduced Possibility of Leakage
  • Nitrogen charging kit available
  • Reduced Operating Pressure
  • Simple, trouble-free design
  • Longer Seal Life

Typical SMR Hydrostrut

Typical SMR Hydrostrut